Vikas Sethia - 25 - Male

Post date: Jun 15, 2010 4:16:25 AM

Working with Reliance Comm. Ltd.

With Lead since Feb 10

How is the experience of working here?

It feels good, a little kind of satisfactory. Atleast for one and half hour a week, I'm there (LEAD) for them (kids). I know my contribution is a tiny bit and it doesn't make a difference but still it feel good to be with these children. I am still not fully involved with LEAD but a step is forwarded..lets see now when can i run with LEAD.

How has LEAD made a difference in your life?

Frankly speaking, not a lot difference in my life. But yes one thing is there, I have added one more dream in my life that I'll open an NGO or school(s) for quality education for poor children probably @ small towns. May God fulfill my this dream :-)