Shwetangi Savant - 24 - Female

Post date: Jun 15, 2010 4:36:52 AM

Software engineer (in search of job)

With Lead for a week

How is the experience of working here?

For someone like me who has just started, the kids are very welcoming. The first day was a complete pleasure -- playing around, kids insisting that you play with them, they hopping on to you, hugging you.. It felt very good..

How has LEAD made a difference in your life?

It has kind of changed my way of looking at street kids.. If I find kids in train doin some antics I pay attention, I smile at them.. and the way they look back at you, its kinda sweet.. I would also like to share another thing.. I made paper planes at my place, so that I could teach kids the next day.. The night before the class I had a great time flying them with my dad n cousin for almost an hour :-) I had lovely time with the kids too, colouring and flying the ones they had made.. It just makes you realize there is joy in little things..