Shreya Ganguly - 19 - Female

Post date: Jun 6, 2010 3:04:53 AM

Student at Amity Univerity Noida - BBA, LLBWith Lead in May 2010

How is the experience of working here?

It was fun filled and great throughout. I have met many people here and learnt a lot from their experiences.

How has LEAD made a difference in your life?

It is a great place to learn and acknowledge what life has given us. It has made me a strong personality from within. I was here as an intern for just a month but this one month has shown me all the phases of life. I have had experiences which I have never even thought of. LEAD made me see life more closely and it has brought me out of the entire materialistic world and changed my perception of life. I owe a lot to LEAD

Shreya speaks...

LEAD is a platform to learn and impart knowledge. I am a 2nd Year BBA, LLB student of AMITY UNIVERSITY NOIDA. I always wanted to be a CHANGE MAKER but never had an opportunity to do so.

As a college assignment and internship I joined LEAD, it was just the beginning of my learning process.

The children in LEAD are unique, they are exceptionally talented. They just need to be properly channelized to make them a better person for tomorrow. The challenge taken up by the much devoted volunteers is commendable.

I was here for a month long but now this 1 month seems too short. I spent my entire day with these children and learnt that there lies happiness even in the pettiest things in life. We are privileged and thus we don’t acknowledge the fact but life has a lot to teach and LEAD taught me all this.

I thought these children but they thought me the true sense of living. I have had great experiences like wonderful sessions with much learned people. Had adventures like rifle shooting. Frequent health check ups. Visiting the slums and interacting with the families knowing their issues and trying to sort it out with the LEAD TEAM.

LEAD has made me grow as a person, it has taught me to face all the phases of life without looking back. LEAD is encouraging more of youth involvement to ensure valuable and remarkable improvement in our children. We must all gear up and serve our nation in such way little way we can.

I wish great luck to our children and LEAD.