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Be the Change you wish to see

...Mahatma Gandhi

Slums, Illiteracy, Unemployment, Child-marriages, Child-labor, Child-abuse, Exploitation, Violence, Corruption and much more!! What is the first thing that comes to our mind, when we come across these social evils? We feel, its 'Change'! We all intend to see the Change around us; Change in terms of better policies, better governance, better environment, and better people. But do we ever ask ourselves, what are We doing to see this change? Can we relieve ourselves of our national responsibilities by just honestly paying the taxes and voting on the Election Day? Keeping a hand on our heart shall probably give us the right answer.

We, at LEAD, firmly believe that each one of us is quite capable enough to bring about the change and transform the lives of those around us. We just need to take that first step.

Here is how you can help!

Are you a Student?

College days are often considered as some of the best days of our lives and they really are. It is the time to make friends, pursue interests, get to know new ideas and learn! But while bunking lectures, chatting in the canteen & hanging around with friends is part of being in the college, a lot can be achieved with the time you have. If you spend few hours every week teaching the needy children, you are changing their lives. These few hours that otherwise would have not amounted to much, are paving a way for the bright future of these children!

Are you a Working Professional?

Stress, peer pressure, project deadlines, family & financial problems, commuting are the regular features in your life. Tired by these regular monotonous routines and unable to find the satisfaction you need to feel, teaching the children, is the perfect solution for the discontented you. In spite of your schedule you can spend some hours after work and weekends with these kids just talking, overlooking their progress and guiding them and you will realize that these hours do not exhaust you but refresh you. The satisfaction you gain from spending few hours with them is much more than you can expect from your 9-5 jobs. If you can't spend time, you could donate, raise funds & other resources, help with your skills, pass a word around in your network and still make a difference.

Are you Retired?

You have worked hard and are now taking your share of rest. This is the time for you to relieve your responsibilities and do what you please. But spending time at home with nothing much to do other than watching TV & reading newspapers can be boring. The morning walks and the senior citizen clubs still leave you with ample of free time. Spend a couple of hours with these children every day, your affection, your values and your guidance are very much needed by these children also, who are as wonderful and deserving as your grand children. Your contribution can play a vital role in educating and shaping the future of these children.

Moreover, we, the youth at LEAD, also believe that it is also the responsibility of the senior citizens to, through their wealth of experiences & other resources, mentor and support us in our initiative to make a difference.

Are you a Housewife?

Being housewife, in itself, is a full time job but you still find some spare time in the mornings and afternoons when your husband & children have left for their day and have nothing much to do. Spend this time with our children, your love, your care; your attention will be as valuable to these children as your own. TV, no doubt, has become a home-manager's good friend in the recent times, but educating these children will give you the experience of working outside, that too something constructive, and above all will give you a sense of immense satisfaction & achievement…

Are you a Corporate?

'Corporations care only for bottom-lines' is the common notion but India's top Corporates like Tata, Infosys, etc. are leading in philanthropic activities. It is not just for CSR but 'for giving something back to the society' which is ingrained in their corporate policy and mission. You as an organization know the trials of running a successful organization; then why leave the organization of our Nation to our politicians?

You can do your bit for helping the society by providing a helping hand to our programs be it financially or by lending your skills and expertise. Your one visit or an event or sponsorship for a program or interest of your employees does a lot to support us both morally and financially.

Are you an NGO?

We are a relatively new NGO but bubbling with passion and dedication. We would love to listen to the ideas, comments and suggestions from NGOs working in all the fields to improve our performance & make our efforts more efficient. We are, in fact, already grateful to the number of NGOs who have helped us in a variety of ways during our exciting journey.

You could lend us your support by helping get us volunteers & other resources, building our capacities, fund raising ideas/methods and conducting sessions and workshops for our volunteers/children/communities. We could also collaborate with you for other programs and sessions.

Are you an Educational Institute?

Schools and Colleges are the places which play an important role in determining our values and shaping our thoughts, so you are in a key position to help our mission. Esp. in a country like ours, that is one side growing by leaps and bounds and on the other side still plagued by a plethora of social evils, an educational institute assumes the greater responsibility of creating good citizens and human beings rather than just engineers, accountants, doctors and teachers.

You could send your students to see, help and collaborate on our projects; that will sensitize them to the societal challenges through experience & exposure. As Colleges you could send your students to intern/volunteer with us and help market or design programs. We would love to have young minds working for us, who are willing to devote time and energy for our children/communities and hence the society at large.

How can you help?

We would love any kind of support, involvement and suggestion from your side; here are some of the concrete ways to help:

  • Be a Volunteer - Get in touch with us and volunteer with us and be a part of our activities. You can offer your time, your expertise, and your services for these children.
  • Sponsor a Program - We frequently need sponsorship for the activities like workshops, health check-ups, picnics, fees, and other activities that we undertake; you can support such a program & do your bit.
  • Sponsor the Food for children - We give hot home-made nutritious breakfast to the morning batch children and wish to give fruits/similar nutritious items to the evening batch children. You can either handover the food materials or cash to us for supporting this food project.
  • Use your Expertise - If you cannot devote regular time with us, you can still make a difference in lot of ways. If your expertise lies in marketing then help us with your marketing strategies; if you are a good writer, you can write for our blogs and proposals/posters; whatever be your expertise, you can help LEAD. Come forward and change lives!
  • Spread the word around - For a NGO which is dependent on volunteers for everything, we are always in need of more volunteers and thus would appreciate if you could spread the word about LEAD in your network and get more people on board..


Just Intentions don't matter…

We need to Act…to make a difference!

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop" ....Mother Teresa