Ameetha – She is an experienced teacher who has dealt with children since many years now. She has also completed a course in storytelling. She tells stories which are not only engaging but which combine learning with them too. She conducted a session for our volunteers where she shared her rich experience gave invaluable tips to add fun with learning. (Read the blog here.)

Ameeta Iyer – Founder of an NGO – New Era Foundation based in Airoli, she appreciated our initiative and supported us kind-heartedly by providing her space for the evening sessions for couple of months for free. She also conducted a training session for LEAD’s first batch of volunteers- Students from the nearby Mehta College- relating to Play-way methods of teaching the children.

Ashish Pawaskar - He is helping us with online guidelines, for wider outreach and all. His Company sponsored us the domain name for LEAD and he is also sharing the responsibility of managing this website.

Archana – An ever smiling, humble lady who teaches in the pre-primary section in NHP School, Airoli supports LEAD by sharing her wonderful skills and experiences of handling the children and overcoming their myriad problems. No doubt, our children get captivated by her magnetic personality; she also helps us in the syllabus designing, classroom administration and networking.

Anisha – A wonderful painter, by hobby, had extended her support to LEAD through her work. Her idea is to share her paintings, through the Picasa Web Albums, across our friends circle and other like-minded groups. 50% of the proceeds of the sales will then go towards the donation to make LEAD sustainable. However, LEAD volunteers were held up with some other more important issues at that time and this philanthropic idea is yet to be implemented.

Bhupendra – He has made our flex and visiting cards at concessional rates.

Chandni Parekh – This young lady charged up with her selfless desire to serve the communities and struggling social workers, supports us in her humblest and easiest but possibly one of the most effective ways by passing the word about LEAD’s requirements, activities and events in her circle of influence, thus widening up our circle of well-wishers

Doctors - LEAD wishes to thank Dr. Gitanjali, Dr. Pravin Bhate, Dr. Nilesh, Dr. Malti, Dr. Rajesh Kapoor for their voluntary medical services.

Jatin Kullkarni – He voluntarily developed the software that enables the systematic documentation and smoother administration of various activities in LEAD including the databases of communities, volunteers, children and donors.

Lata Madam – She is the principal of Navodaya English High School, Thane and Airoli-resident, recognized the efforts put in by her ex-student (Rupesh - Founder) in her area and his struggle to get a sheltered place to conduct the sessions for his children and immediately patched him up with her local friend Mrs. Ameeta Iyer. If it had not been for her support, LEAD would not have been able to start at a good pace during its initial phase.

Lata Jain – A multi talented & humble lady with masters in Drawing and Painting and an authorized Fevicryl teacher, helped us in training two of our volunteers for the candle making at the nominal rates. After realizing the impact this initiative will have on the empowerment of our community women and hence our children, she has extended her voluntary support for this and even other projects in terms of her professional expertise and other resources.

Prof. Mani – He is among the senior most and regular supporters of LEAD with a real down-to-earth personality. He has always been supporting us through donations like sports materials; infrastructure, educational materials, food-items, etc. (See his website here, his profile on Karmayog, here)

Noshir Dadrawala – He is an executive secretary of Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy and helped us with the basic framework needed for our Trust registration. He also extended his voluntary support by providing his guidance at the time when we were totally novice in this domain. We are deeply grateful to him.

Pravin – He is a funny crazy guy who is ever ready to bring in cheers and smiles on the faces of LEAD’s children on its events like Children’s day and Christmas. Recently, he also organized a rifle shooting workshop for our children. (Read report about Rifle shooting here, View the Xmas photos here)

Raji – LEAD had uploaded all its information on a free web service to save expenses. Raji aptly used her communicating skills to give a professional-cum-appealing touch to the LEAD's then existing emotional-cum-elaborate-content. She has also designed the wonderful and attractive fliers for pulling in volunteers for teaching our children.

Sheetal – A college student who didn’t have much time to come and teach our children but still wanted to do something that could impact their lives positively, she helped us in our first fund raising initiative through her skills and expertise in making chocolates. And all this was done at a very short notice at her home, thronged by our lots of volunteers daily for the packaging part. We are thankful not only for her voluntary service but are also gratified by her act of donating part of the cost price to LEAD. Read the report about chocolate fund raising activity. Click here

Shrishti – She helped us by spreading a word about LEAD and connected us with wonderful volunteers Ashish and Raji.

Satish – A college student from Delhi, he voluntarily designed the LEAD’s logo that beautifully reflects all the words of our mission. He has not even asked for any kind of certificate or acknowledgement for his stint till now. Hats off to his volunteering spirit and even for his understanding abilities, dexterity and patience!

Suresh Jain – Owner of our current place that we rent at Rs.4500. He not only decreased the deposit amount to Rs.20,000/- but has also partly shared the painting and other expenses and has even promised the educational support for our children in the future.

Timira Gupta - She is a circus artist and after a stint with street children in Goa where she taught stilt-walking, juggling, acrobats, she is working two special schools (TULIPS school and Saraswati Mandir) in Mumbai as an Art Therapist. She has been working with children from St Catherine's at Bandra, a street child welfare centre, and uses Circus Arts as part of her therapy work with the children. LEAD was fortunate to get her to conduct a similar session for our children which our children thoroughly enjoyed. She was also kind enough to sponsor nutritional snacks for our kids.

Vinita Shah –We met Vinita during our outing at Earth mela, she captivated our children as well the volunteers with her story telling session. She even took a session with the volunteers, to guide them in using stories and other teaching aids like soft toys, flash cards, puppets, etc and even audio visual medium to teach children. (Click here to visit her website)

Varun – A media student, who came all the way from Pune and developed a short video for us that attempts to highlight our work, struggle and appeal to the wider masses in an effective manner.