We have been waiting long

We have been waiting forever

For everything, everyone

All the time.....

Sometimes we are waiting for bad things to pass

Sometimes for good things to come

Or sometimes for memories to fade away.....

We wait for our loved ones to arrive.

To get well.

To meet our Prince Charming.

To try the unknown.

To say things we have always wanted to .

To be the person we knew we could be....

Waiting is what we do

When our strength fails us.

When we can’t do much,

We wait for change to come.

Sometimes waiting is all we can do.

Waiting for the weekend, the train, for rains to arrive, power to come,

our birthdays, to get back to bed, for the boss to go on vacation,

for that one call that lasts all night.

Waiting is wanting. Waiting is our hope, our savior. And so we wait again.

But there is a difference

Waiting for something out of fear

Won’t work.

If we want change

We must make a move

Yes even a tiny winy step will do

Don’t just wait, Do !

That’s what I have learnt

Not waiting for good things to come but making them.

Not waiting for bad things to pass, but learning from them.

Not waiting for someone to make the move but being the first one to do so.

Waiting is good but Action is empowering!

....... Swagata Yadavar, LEAD Volunteer

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop"