Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision:

To see, inspire, encourage and assist many other passionate individuals and groups to start similar educational initiatives in their areas, changing lives and transforming destinies.

Our Mission:

We endeavor to provide the less-privileged children with education, knowledge, skills, values and facilities that will enable them to compete in the mainstream environment and live with dignity in the society.

Our Values:

Love: Love is what we think really makes an impact. Visit the LEAD centre and love is what you will see - Children asking a ‘volunteer-teacher’ why she missed two classes, teachers lovingly scolding and fussing over the kids and the love with everyone comes together for the common cause.

Learning: Knowledge is a gift that stays with you no matter what, hence we focus on giving our kids education along with values, sports, arts and other activities which will give them an all round development and make them educated and not just literate & qualified.

Having Fun: We believe that ‘having fun’ is the right of every child. So even the classes we teach have a strong fun element. Not just studies we also have dance, arts, celebration, parties, festivals, cricket & badminton matches, carom sessions and ‘movie watching’, as part of activities in LEAD.

Being the Change: No cynical statements, no complaining about the Government’s inefficiencies. We believe in being the change we want to see and actually accepting the responsibilities and taking action about the things that are not fair. Whether the corruption case against Child remand homes or donation cases against Schools, we have never shied away from taking a stand.

Persistence: Be it the following up of the admission related processes with the schools & even education department or be it with the school teachers about our children’s attendance & other feedback, persistence is one value that plays one of the important role in being a volunteer for LEAD. Being persistent ensures that the change we make is inspiring, permanent and lasting one and not just a temporary, superficial one.

Honesty: Being Honest as an NGO means a lot to LEAD. We believe in inculcating the best moral values in our children and we believe in standing by those values. All our activities, even the rent deal as well as registration of the NGO have taken place legally. We are transparent about our dealings and you can find them here.

Teamwork: We believe that ‘Whole is greater than sum of its parts’ thus once our minds, skills, strengths come together we believe that ‘Change is possible and achievable’. Because we are all dedicated in doing the best for our kids, there is no ‘I’; Its always ‘We’.

LEADership: When we recognize something that needs to be done or one idea to be worked upon, we believe in accepting the responsibility and doing the needful. Thus leadership and taking the charge are words which define LEAD.