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Priyanka Sharma - 22 - Female

posted Jun 14, 2010, 9:31 PM by Ashish Pawaskar
Software engineer working for Patni Computers now.
With Lead since Nov 2009

How  is the experience of working here?
Spectacular!!! I joined as a dance teacher and let me tell you kids are a pool of real talent which are waiting for our hands which can guide them and help them be what they can be if we are with them!!!! I was shocked when I saw our little Simran, Sunita, Reshma, Rahul dancing for the first time... They are outstanding...  Well they are just a few names, there are many which are waiting for people like us.....

How has LEAD made a difference in your life?
Actually truly speaking words will never suffice to tell how it is... Can just say it added a new meaning to my life, an entirely different feeling and a very learning experience which brought a real self satisfaction for my inner self...